16 Things You Should Never Let Your Cat Eat Or Drink
16 thing you never give your cat - Raw Fish

Raw Meat Or Fish  -  13 Of 16

You should never feed your cat raw fish. It contains an enzyme that breaks down thiamine – an essential nutrient. If you really want to feed your cat fish, make sure it’s cooked, and doesn’t make up too much of her diet.
16 thing you never give your cat - Yeast

Yeast  -  14 Of 16​

The warm, moist environment of a cat’s stomach provides an ideal environment for the yeast in raw dough to expand in the stomach. Expansion of the stomach can be severe enough to decrease blood flow to the stomach wall and affect breathing. The yeast also metabolizes as alchohol and can cause serious toxicity in your cat.
16 thing you never give your cat - Medicine

Your Medicine  -   15 Of 16

Common household medications, like aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen can be severely toxic to cats. Never, ever, give your cat human medication unless strictly advised by a veterinarian.
16 thing you never give your cat - Treats

Treats  -   16 Of 16

As with all treats, they should only be given in small amounts (once the ingredients have been determined cat-safe). Too much liver will cause vitamin toxicity and abnormal bone growth (these can be lethal). Too much canned tuna can cause a painful inflammation of the fatty tissue.